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How to Setup The Wild with an Igloo Vision System

Step-by-step guide to enable The Wild on your Igloo Vision System

  • In order for igloo rendering functionality to be active, create an environment variable in Windows, name it "WILD_IGLOO" and set it's value to "1".  For any other client running the wild in a normal fashion, the environment variable is not necessary.
  • All igloo related settings can be supplied via command line. OSC channels should also be accessible.
  • Once inside a Space in The Wild, Igloo rendering can be enabled by pressing 'I'.  The avatar will be hidden for any other clients that are on this build.
  • The user can navigate normally (desktop or xbox controller) to position the camera
  • Should the user wish to avoid the overhead of rendering to the main display, they can just bring down the web view. The xbox controller can still be used in this context.