• Added .skp support so you can import SketchUp files! 🎉
  • Added drag-and-drop functionality (with alt/opt copy modifier) so you can move, copy, and organize your content.
  • Added an audio settings menu so you can manage audio input and output from VR.
  • Added collider editing functionality in Massit to improve teleporting functionality.
  • Added a toggleable bounding box visualization during asset import, so you can see and adjust the dimensions of your model.
  • Visual improvements to the Space Bar.


  • Fixed a bug with Windows Mixed Reality controller button mapping
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in random generation of geometry when importing .obj and .dae files.
  • When importing files, we’re now filtering out faces with fewer than 3 indices (these can be present in 3d file formats that support edges and points. This makes your model smaller and better optimized for The Wild)
  • FBX files are now exported with the correct units!
  • Fixed a bug where parts of the imported model would be positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where users on non-English machines were not able to open spaces.

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