• We now have a macOS app!  No VR support yet, but now you can upload, manage content, and use the Presentation Viewer to view spaces
  • You can now share any content with people outside of your team
  • Added the ability to copy projects into different teams via drag and drop
  • Added the ability to import .skp files as spaces, and we’ll automatically create a collection of assets out of your SketchUp components
  • Added visuals for asset loading progress
  • Added metric units for snapping and measurement
  • Added “Keep Upright” mode for angle snapping to limit rotation to the “up”axis


  • Changed the library web UI to display collections at the top of asset list
  • Content delivery speedup in the 2D Library
  • Fixed an error that would occur when handling meshes with large vertex counts
  • We now require updates on iOS for minor and major releases
  • Aligned version number across platforms

Known Issues:

  • macOS: Bluetooth microphones are not working
  • Importing FBX files from Revit does not include materials. See Revit workflow here.


 XR 0.7.13 (12/20/2018):

  • Fixed bugs causing some imports to fail
  • Fixed object positioning issues in the sketchup importer
  • Fixed issue where 'Show Dimensions' checkbox was enabled but bounding box was not visible.

XR 0.7.15 (01/04/2019):

  • Changed teleport behavior to ignore default colliders
  • Updated tool icons
  • Fixed issue where it would be impossible to mass or copy while inside a prop bounding box
  • Fixed issue where names would occasionally be flipped in snapshots when GI was enabled
  • Fixed issue where Spacebar wouldn't hide the GUI when in VR mode

Web 0.7.2 (12/20/2018):

  • Members can now leave teams
  • Fixed issue where multiple projects were added to the member sharing content
  • Fixed issue where roles were not updated immediately
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