The best way to get your work from Revit into The Wild is via our Revit Add-In (Beta). It allows you to save any 3D View in Revit as a GLB file, and then import that file into The Wild (pro tip: import it as a Space). Currently we support Revit 2018 and 2019. (We'll be adding support for older versions in the future).  

To get the Add-In:

  • Download the beta Add-in here.
  • Install the Add-In (it's super easy!)

To use the Add-In (Revit to VR):

  • Check out our article on how to set up your 3D Views for the best performance in The Wild.
  • Select a 3D view in Revit that you'd like to see in The Wild 
  • Click Export to The Wild in Revit's Add-Ins tab.
  • Click EXPORT GLB to generate the GLB file.

Now you can import the GLB file that was exported into The Wild via our importer

  • Click +NEW in the upper right
  • Select New Space from File
  • Select your GLB File
  • Make sure everything looks right and click UPLOAD

Best Practices:

For the best experience in The Wild and in VR in general, it's a good idea to keep your model lightweight. Check out our article on best practices for preparing your 3D Views for The Wild.

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