The Wild for Pico Neo 2: Secure Enterprise VR Collaboration

Austin Baker
April 14, 2021

XR is the new standard for Enterprise

Extended Reality (XR) for Enterprise is the new standard in collaborative tools for modern, distributed teams. XR unlocks immersive training, design, collaboration, and visualization capabilities never experienced before, now at a fraction of the cost it used to. However, larger teams looking for access to this cutting-edge technology still need to maintain security and control across multiple devices and users.

When it comes to considering an Enterprise-grade Virtual Reality (VR) headset for your design, architecture, or innovation team, there are a few emerging solutions that allow for the flexibility and privacy needed, while still providing access to the latest features and updates that consumer devices are receiving.

Pico Neo 2 is a secure, affordable VR solution for Enterprise teams

Pico Neo 2 VR Headset

The Pico Neo 2 is a fantastic All-in-One (AIO) VR solution for Enterprise that combines best-in-class design, affordability, and security. This sharp standalone headset does away the need for PC’s, phones, or wires - giving your distributed team global access to shared immersive experiences.

We are excited to now officially provide support for The Wild, a collaborative workspace for Architecture, Design, and Enterprise teams, for the Pico Neo 2. Our team will help you securely deploy The Wild at scale to multiple Pico Neo 2 devices.

For enhanced security, we also offer an optional Private Cloud solution for Enterprise teams. We’d love to work together to find the right solution for your cutting edge team’s unique needs - Set up time to chat with one of our immersive technology consultants.

Portable Cloud.png
Private Cloud Solution for The Wild

How does the Pico Neo 2 compare to other options out there?

There are many consumer VR headsets available on the market today; not all are supported by The Wild. Check out our guide to getting started with VR to learn more about the differences listed here.

2021 Business VR Headset Comparison Chart (Q2)

Enterprise VR headsets specifically provide security and control to deploy software at scale for large teams. The 2 main options available for The Wild users are Oculus for Business ($799/device), and now Pico Neo 2 ($699/device). The affordability of the Pico Neo 2, in balance with its technical specifications listed above, make it an amazing value for Enterprise teams looking to provide a standard VR device for employees.

Inside view of the Pico Neo 2

It’s worth noting that standalone headsets are relatively new to the XR industry, as popularly pioneered by the Oculus Quest in 2019. Tethered headsets required a connection to advanced computers to render 3D experiences. The Pico Neo 2 and Oculus Quest 2  are the only two standalone devices supported in The Wild that can be purchased today that allow teams to collaborate at scale from anywhere in the world.

While the Pico Neo 2 was released in mid 2020, Pico has recently announced their next 6DoF headset also in the Neo line, bringing even more power for any business to tap into. Details about their enterprise solution will be coming soon. When considered investing in emerging technology, it’s important to remember that this technology will continually upgrade at a speed much faster than more established technologies like smartphones or computers. We are eager to adapt quickly to support the capabilities our diverse partners and customers, and we will look forward to the advancement of the Pico Neo 3.

Curious to deploy immersive collaboration at scale to your Enterprise team? Let’s talk - we're eager to help you collaborate like never before.

Collaborating in The Wild in the Pico Neo 2


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