Collaborate on Your Revit Models in VR and AR

Experience your Revit model at human-scale in virtual and augmented reality. Meet in real time from anywhere in the world for better alignment and smarter decisions.

Work Better Together

Bring your Revit model into VR, AR, or desktop with up to eight people at a time. Collaborate immersively across your team in a shared virtual workspace that evolves with your ideas. Meet in real time, or leave annotations and comments for your team to see later.

Make Smarter Decisions

Go from design to construction more efficiently. With our easy BIM to VR workflow, your team will experience more effective communication, more confident decisions, and better alignment with teammates and clients by experiencing your work together at human-scale.

Access from Anywhere

Your team’s content lives securely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world. Joining from VR, AR (iOS app) or desktop (macOS and Windows) makes remote collaboration possible, no headset necessary.

Key Features

One click from Revit to VR

Our Add-In creates a persistent connection between your Revit file and The Wild, so your spaces can easily be accessed from Revit and updated as your project evolves.


Collaborate in real time with up to eight people, fully synchronized, from anywhere.

BIM Management Tools

Easily access BIM Metadata and layer visibility for all Revit files to help see the full story

Link sharing

1-click access makes it easy to share any space with your co-workers and stakeholders.


Collaborators can join from desktop (macOS and Windows), virtual reality (Oculus, SteamVR, WMR), and augmented reality (iOS).

Integrates with BIM 360

Create a space from any Revit model stored in BIM 360—our integration keeps your models up to date automatically.


What is The Wild?

The Wild is a collaboration platform for teams to experience their work together, from anywhere, in virtual and augmented reality. The Wild is built around Spaces. A Space is a virtual meeting place for you and your team in The Wild, and it can contain content in different formats, from different sources.

How does The Wild integrate with Revit?

Our Revit Add-In allows you to easily create a Space from any 3D view in your model. Once created, the Space can be opened or updated from within Revit. View your entire model or create a section box for optimum performance in VR. If your team uses BIM 360 to collaborate on your Revit files, our BIM 360 integration offers automatic updating, so you’re always viewing the latest work in The Wild.

What if my client and teammates don’t have a VR headset?

If a collaborator doesn’t have access to VR, they can join from our desktop app (Mac or Windows) and navigate the Space with a keyboard and mouse. Whether you’re in a VR headset or using a computer, you’re all sharing the Space. We made The Wild as simple as possible for anyone to join a Space, despite their level of expertise navigating 3D workspaces.

Is my content secure in The Wild?

Security is extremely important to us. We’ve made a substantial effort to secure access to your data and to protect its health, and we’re committed to continuing our efforts to add preventative security and follow industry best practices.

Bring your work to life before it's built.