Catch costly errors with VR/AR

Discover the best way for Engineering & BIM teams to reduce expensive change orders and conduct constructability reviews—from anywhere


Coordinate universally

From Facilities Management, to Structural Engineering, or Oil & Gas—VR/AR brings every industry's teams on the same page. Experience better design comprehension through 1:1 VR walkthroughs with full-fledged BIM control.

Host seamless QA/QC reviews

Experience 3D models at human scale to catch the smallest details instantly from tools like Revit, Navisworks, and BIM360. Leave markups, comments, and sync changes live to catch costly clashes and get to final decisions faster.

Create more confident proposals

Innovate your firm's presentations with next-gen immersion for your clients and collaborators from any device, leading to superior quality submittals and faster approvals.

per project
50% faster
project approvals
100+ days
preparing presentations
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Our team has been working with The Wild to not only do internal reviews but to leverage the VR capabilities to do walk-throughs with the clients and operators. This allows the operators to provide input on the facilities that we design for them in a real world view, immersing us from any geographical area.

Richard Liggett

BIM Specialist

Smart features for smarter teams

Integrates with BIM 360
Works with BIM 360

Create a space from any Revit model stored in BIM 360—our integration keeps your models up to date automatically.

One click from Revit to VR
One click from Revit to VR

Our Add-In creates a persistent connection between your Revit file and The Wild, so your spaces can easily be accessed from Revit and updated as your project evolves.

BIM Management Tools
BIM Management Tools

Easily access BIM Metadata and layer visibility for all Revit files to help see the full story

Interact with Components
Interact with components

All of your components in SketchUp can be converted into assets in The Wild. Organize, reuse, and share them with your team.

Stream BIM 360 Models
Stream BIM 360 Models:

Easily create a space from any model in your BIM 360 library, no matter the source.

Update Any Space
Update any space

Changes to your model always save to our cloud, so your space is always up to date.

Bring your work to life before it's built.