Collaborate on BIM Models Like Never Before in The Wild

The Wild supports a suite of tools designed for AEC workflows, making VR collaboration on your BIM models easier than ever.
Clay Walsh
January 29, 2020

With three tools designed for AEC workflows, collaborating on your BIM models in VR has never been easier. View BIM data with your team, control layer visibility, or annotate your Space with measurements—we’ve got you covered with a suite of tools designed to boost your BIM workflow in The Wild.

Control Layers with the Visibility Tool

Review different aspects of your model and Space immersively with our Visibility Tool. With this new tool, you can control layer visibility for your SketchUp or Revit files, plus easily show/hide all object types in your Space (sketches, comments, etc.). This tool can be used for showing different design options in a single Space (just toggle different files or layers on/off).

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Easily control your model's layers with our Visibility Tool.

View Object Metadata with the Inspect Tool

At long last, you can view object-level BIM data on any element in your model with our Inspect Tool.

Select the Inspect Tool, press a button to point, and select any object in your Revit model. Your off-hand will display an interactive panel with all of the selected object’s BIM data. You can use your tool-hand trigger to navigate the panel.

This tool only works with Revit files right now (coming in from our Add-in or via BIM 360)—we’ll be adding support for SketchUp and other object types very soon.

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View object-level metadata on any element in your model with the Inspect Tool.

Visualize and Annotate Distance with the Measure Tool

With our new Measure Tool, you can easily measure distances in your model. Access three different modes to measure the distance between objects, or two points in space.

Learn more about the Measure Tool

Visualize and annotate distance in a virtual space with the Measure Tool.

Getting Your BIM Models into The Wild

Revit Add-In

With our Revit Add-In, you can easily create a Space in The Wild from any 3D view. We'll automatically create a project matching your file's Project Name, and we'll establish a link between your file and our cloud, so you can update and open your Space right from Revit.

The Wild for BIM 360

The Wild has a robust integration for Autodesk® BIM 360™, allowing you and your team to experience your BIM 360-hosted models together. Teammates and stakeholders can meet inside project models at any time, from VR, AR, or desktop, making real-time coordination and BIM collaboration easy for you and your team, and accessible from anywhere.

Experience your BIM 360-hosted models together in an immersive workspace that evolves with your project.

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