Experience Your AEC Team's SketchUp Models at Human Scale

Collaborate with your AEC team in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Interact with, present, and iterate on your SketchUp files immersively in VR & AR.

Immerse Your Clients in Your Design

Impress your clients with a dynamic, experiential presentation. Let stakeholders explore your design at human scale to experience your vision and make faster decisions through spatial context.

Collaborate with Your Team

Bring your SketchUp model into a dynamic virtual workspace that evolves with your ideas. Prototype layouts and experiences, add comments and context, and capture and express ideas on the fly.

Access from Anywhere

Your content lives securely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world. Reduce time and eliminate travel costs and the need for in-person meetings by working together remotely.

Key Features

Easy Import

Quickly upload your SketchUp file into The Wild to create a dynamic virtual workspace that you can interact with, modify, and meet inside.

Update Any Space

Changes to your model always save to our cloud, so your space is always up to date.

Interact with Components

All of your components in SketchUp can be converted into assets in The Wild. Organize, reuse, and share them with your team.


Collaborate in real time with up to eight people, fully synchronized, from anywhere.


Collaborators can join from desktop (macOS and Windows), virtual reality (Oculus, SteamVR, WMR), and augmented reality (iOS).

Link sharing

1-click access makes it easy to share any space with your co-workers and stakeholders.


How does The Wild integrate with SketchUp?

The Wild is a collaboration platform for teams to experience their designs together, from anywhere, in virtual and augmented reality. The SketchUp file will be converted into a Space, which is a virtual meeting place for you and your team in The Wild. This allows you to interact with individual Components from your SketchUp file.

What if my client and teammates don’t have a VR headset?

If a collaborator doesn’t have access to VR, they can join from our desktop app (Mac or Windows) and navigate the Space with a keyboard and mouse. Whether you’re in a VR headset or using a computer, you’re all sharing the Space. We made The Wild as simple as possible for anyone to join a Space, despite their level of expertise navigating 3D workspaces.

Is my content secure in The Wild?

We take security very seriously. We’ve made a substantial effort to secure access to your data and to protect its health, and we’re committed to continuing our efforts to add preventative security and to follow industry best practices.

Can The Wild handle my large 3D models?

While our app can optimize and handle complex files, it’s a good idea to reduce unnecessary complexity in your model. Not only will your content load faster, but the experience will be smoother as well. Hidden geometry and unused Components will increase file size and processing time, so we recommend purging unused Components before importing your file into The Wild.

Bring your work to life before it's built.