Frequently Asked Questions

What VR headsets are supported in The Wild?
VR headsets are constantly updating; here are the latest models we support in The Wild.
IrisVR + The Wild - FAQ
The Wild has acquired Prospect by IrisVR — learn more here.
Oculus for Business headset compatibility
Enterprise teams looking to deploy VR at scale, we've got you.
How do I access the Oculus Quest app?
Find your unique redeem code to access our Oculus Quest app.
Does The Wild offer native point cloud support?
Can I bring my point cloud into The Wild?
Is Oculus Quest the best VR Headset?
Understanding the pros and cons of mobile VR
Can the Quest handle my large models?
Understanding limitations with Oculus Quest
What if my client and teammates don't have a VR headset?
Collaborating in The Wild without a VR headset
Is my content secure?
Data security is extremely important to us.
Are you hiring?
Career Opportunities with The Wild
Do you integrate with Revit?
Bringing Revit Files into The Wild
Do you integrate with SketchUp?
How to Import SKP files into The Wild
Can I use a Mac?
Minimum specs and other information for using The Wild on your Mac
What platforms are supported?
The Wild supports VR, AR (iOS) and desktop (Windows 10 & macOS)
Do I need a VR headset to access The Wild?
You'll need a VR Headset to edit objects in The Wild
What kind of files can I import / export?
Learn what filetypes are supported in The Wild
How many people can be in a Space at once?
We support up to 8 people in a single space at any time
Do you have file size limitations?
File size depends on your memory and performance