We believe that collaboration is essential to great work.

Collaboration is messy. It’s the result of a special alchemy involving humility, thoughtful communication, and open minds. It’s the combination of multiple perspectives, experiences, and ideas, into a single, evolving conversation.

We believe in the power of technology to optimize collaboration, to bring people together from anywhere, and to help us express our ideas in new ways.

We believe that immersive, human-scale technology is key to helping us create truly great experiences, and that we can develop stronger ideas and better connections with our team when we can collaborate side-by-side, no matter where we are.

So we built The Wild — a place where you and your team can collaborate in new and better ways, wherever you are.

Bring your work to life before it's built.
Our Culture and Values

We work on the edge of what’s possible, fueled by a culture of curiosity and exploration. Our diverse backgrounds enrich our culture and strengthen our product. We experiment, we prototype, we fail, and we learn. The road to innovation is rarely a smooth one. We enjoy the bumpy ride because it leads to an exciting place.

Sound like you? Join us as we build the future of collaboration.

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