How to Have a More Effective and Experiential Design Process

November 10, 2021
10:00 am
November 10, 2021
10:00 am

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Frustratingly long email threads, out of date models, and misinterpreted 2D to 3D information...do any of these sound familiar to your building team's current collaboration?

Join Architectural leaders Ryan Martin, AIA, NCARB and Ryan Christensen, AIA, NCARB from LEO A DALY as they reveal the secrets to better work using 3D collaboration, allowing teams to move past communicating with words and into direct, immersive experiences together.

In this 30 min conversation hosted by AEC Immersive Technology Consultant, AJ Lightheart, you’ll learn about:

  • 💡 Creating more effective design experiences for clients and collaborators
  • 😴 Addressing internal change management and “new tech fatigue”
  • 💎 What impressive virtual presentations can look like


Ryan D. Martin AIA, NCARB, Vice President, Director of Design, LEO A DALY

Mr. Martin has extensive experience, projects ranging from boutique hotels and luxury resorts to convention centers and urban business hotels, as well as masterplanning major mixed-use developments. He understands the process to develop a select service prototype as well as creating a destination hotel and spa experience. His comprehensive approach emphasizes design aesthetics and operational functionality to create a memorable guest experience. He leads the design team, provides the design direction, and encourages a collaborative culture to fully realize the clients vision. He collaborates with the team to ensure that the technical aspects of the projects are as solid as the design concept.

Ryan Christensen AIA, NCARB, Project Architect, LEO A DALY

Ryan brings his valuable problem-solving skills to the team and is always looking for creative solutions. He employs his mastery of visualization tools to help the client see three dimensionally and fully understand the design before any construction begins. Ryan has the technical skills to communicate with every member of the team to make sure the design intent is fully realized and is passionate about bringing consultants and clients together as a cohesive team to produce a great product with lasting returns. A knowledgeable team-player, he is able to work within budget and time constraints while maintaining the highest of design standards.

Leo A Daly

LEO A DALY is one of the largest planning, architecture, engineering, interior design, and program management firms in the world. Since 1915, they have had an unyielding focus on design excellence to create exceptional spaces that enhance and enrich the human experience. LEO A DALY is consistently ranked among the top design firms in the world, most notably selected as 16th of the Top 300 Architecture Firms by Architectural Record magazine.

Learn more: https://thewild.com/blog/leo-a-daly

AJ Lightheart, AEC Immersive Technology Consultant, The Wild

AJ has been an emerging technology leader in the AEC industry for the past 11 years. As a trusted advisor for SMB to ENR top 500 companies, AJ has consistently found a passion for connecting technology to a practical ROI. Outside of consulting, AJ loves trying new craft beers and trying to keep up with his boys.

MIXED with The Wild

MIXED with The Wild is a monthly series for innovative AEC and design teams to learn how to save time, design smarter, and collaborate from anywhere using virtual and augmented reality. Can't make it to this discussion? We'll have a recording to share with you afterwards. We'll look forward to continuing the conversation with you next month!


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