Immersive Remote Collaboration for SketchUp in VR/AR

July 29, 2020
10:00 am

Ready to supercharge your SketchUp design rounds with immersive, remote collaboration? This deep-dive tutorial will show you how to use The Wild to visualize your SketchUp model in real time at human scale. You’ll learn how to collaboratively present, iterate, and interact with your SketchUp models in virtual and augmented reality.

By using these technologies in your design review workflow, you can:

  • Quickly add comments, markups, and 3D sketches to your virtual SketchUp model
  • Experience life-like immersion with environmental lighting and spatial context
  • Present your designs to your clients and stakeholders more effectively
  • Save time and money from fewer design rounds
  • Win more business with faster approvals
  • Eliminate the need for travel

The session will include an overview of The Wild’s desktop, augmented reality, and virtual reality platforms, as well as The Wild’s suite of prototyping tools. You’ll also get an inside peek from the SketchUp team to see what’s new in 2020! The event will wrap with a live Q&A from The Wild and SketchUp.

Bring your work to life before it's built.