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Feature Launch Livestream: Frame your Story with Tours in The Wild

December 16, 2020
10:00 am

Join this livestream for an exclusive look at The Wild’s most exciting feature launch of the year—TOURS!

On December 16th, 10amPST, The Wild’s founder and CEO Gabe Paez. Gabe will share how to collaboratively experience and share your designs in real-time from anywhere in the world using augmented and virtual reality.  

He’ll then dive into a live in-VR demo of Tours in The Wild, an easy new way to create and guide immersive presentations. Tours helps to create a paced experience and turn your space into a story.

Without the physical limitations of in-person presentations, Tours in The Wild allows everyone to experience the perfect view of your most important ideas from anywhere in the world.

The event will wrap with a Q&A session with an online, live audience.

Bring your work to life before it's built.