VR collaboration
for your whole team

The Wild for Oculus Quest allows everyone on your team to collaborate at human-scale from anywhere.

VR at Your Fingertips

With Oculus Quest, accessing The Wild is easier and more affordable than ever. Now everyone can have a headset right at their desk—no expensive PCs, no crazy setup. Just import your models and step inside. Experience and evolve ideas with your team, and impress your clients and stakeholders with immersive, human-scale presentations.

Human-Scale Collaboration for Everyone

Viewing spatial design at human- scale is critical for making better decisions, catching errors, and providing valuable context for your teammates and stakeholders. Our Quest app makes it easy for your team to view your work together at 1:1 early and often, keeping everyone engaged and aligned.

Key Features

Fits your workflow

Integrates with SketchUp, Revit, and BIM 360 workflows. Import from all major 3D filetypes.


Collaborators can join from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, AR, or desktop (mac or PC).

Speech-to-text comments

Our annotation tools allow for easy asynchronous communication with your team.

Real-time collaboration

Work and present from anywhere, with up to eight people in a Space at any time.

Native sketching and annotation

Express your ideas spatially in an immersive environment.

Unlimited, secure cloud storage

Your content is secure and accessible from anywhere.


Is the Oculus Quest a good alternative to the HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/Windows MR?

If you already have a desktop VR setup in your office, it will continue to serve you well, loading complex models with optimal performance in The Wild. Oculus Quest is a great headset for travel and for people who don’t have high-powered PCs at their desks. If you’re a Revit user, then you probably already have a PC that can support VR. If that’s the case, you might want to consider the Oculus Rift S as a desktop companion. It’s the Quest’s more powerful sibling—a next-generation tethered headset, harnessing the power of your PC to run complex models in The Wild with only one wire and easy setup. If you don’t already have a VR setup, we’d be happy to chat about your team’s needs to help you determine the best hardware for your company.

Do I need a PC?

The Quest is a standalone headset, which means you don’t need a PC to run it. This makes it wireless, super portable, and a great option for members of your team who don’t have high-powered PCs at their desks.

Can the Quest handle my large models?

The Quest is mobile and therefore doesn’t have the same processing power as a desktop VR setup; therefore, it’s best for smaller, more optimized Revit, SketchUp, and other 3D files. A lot of factors affect file size, including textures, the scale of your model, complex geometry, and the way your file is set up. Learn more about how to prepare your models for the Oculus Quest.

Collaborate from Anywhere in The Wild