Architecture Firm Kohlbecker Partners with VR Collaboration Software, The Wild


Architecture Firm Kohlbecker Partners with VR Collaboration Software, The Wild

Portland, Ore (United States) & Gaggenau (Germany) – 14, December 2020 – Today, architecture and engineering firm, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH and VR/AR collaboration platform, The Wild announced their official partnership, which will open up greater possibilities for collaboration and design review for Kohlbecker’s team working on architecture and engineering projects for a worldwide client base.

From construction site localization and assessment services, to general planning, project management, design, building certification and the turn-key completion of construction, Kohlbecker offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to ensure the optimal completion of their customer’s construction projects.

Prior to finding The Wild, Kohlbecker had been using VR for almost 20 years. However, they had been seeking a virtual collaboration platform to support design workflow and decision-making for quite some time. They wanted a solution that was faster and easier than reviewing floorplans. Moreover, they wanted to use this platform to create even more unique value for their clients. 

Kohlbecker finally found their perfect platform after using The Wild for immersive collaboration. They can now create the next level of customer service by sending an Oculus Quest headset to clients’ homes or offices pre-loaded with 3D models in The Wild.

“We want our clients to be able to visualize their models and gain a sense of space,” says Firm Leader Florian Kohlbecker. “With quick access to The Wild on an Oculus Quest we send them, they can do markups and leave their impressions on what they like, and what necessary changes need to be made.” 

Collaborating in virtual and augmented reality can help teams make better decisions and go from design to construction or production more efficiently—without the need for in-person meetings. Kohlbecker and their clients can meet virtually from anywhere in The Wild to evaluate designs, catch errors, and provide spatial context for colleagues and stakeholders. This has proven to reduce travel costs and time, as their weekly travel has now decreased to once a month.

One of Kohlbecker’s most significant benefits was unplanned for: They can now internally support remote work in a way not possible before. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, architecture firms have made major adjustments to the way they work. The Wild can ostensibly replace unnecessary travel and in-person meetings as most staff work from home.

The Wild looks forward to seeing the results of Kohlbecker’s use of The Wild with their clients. “I anticipate the team at Kohlbecker will create a stronger understanding earlier in the design process and help their projects progress quicker,” says AJ Lightheart, Account Executive at The Wild. “Catching issues and making adjustments earlier will save everyone much needed time and money, which is now more important than ever.”

Besides Kohlbecker, companies using The Wild include adidas, Interior Architects, Leo A Daly, KPF, SAS International, Dillon Consulting, Zoom+Care, Scala, O’Brien & Co., Bora Architects, The University of Utah, Sauder Woodworking, and Flansburgh Architects. 

About Kohlbecker

Founded in 1930, today, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH is run by the third generation of the Kohlbecker family and employs around 170 in Gaggenau (head office), Munich, Berlin and Cologne. Their spectrum of services ranges from construction site localization and assessment services to general planning, project management, design, building certification, and completion of construction. Project range from residential units to office complexes, from workshops to production plans, from boutique hotels to theme parks.

Andreas Tomaschewski, Chief Digital Officer, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH
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About The Wild

The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform based in Portland, OR (USA), uses virtual and augmented reality to enable architecture, design, and enterprise teams to work across distance, and to review and experience their work together, immersed in a shared virtual space. With native support for SketchUp and Revit and accessible in real-time from the cloud, The Wild aims to provide remote collaboration to teams by connecting people and their ideas from anywhere they work. For more information, visit

Clay Walsh, Marketing & Communications Director, The Wild
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