The Wild - Virtual Space to Work Remotely in COVID-19



The Wild Provides Architects and Environmental Designers With a Virtual Space to Work Remotely During the COVID-19 Pandemic   

Portland, OR – March 16, 2020 – This week, VR/AR software company The Wild doubled down on its promise to provide reliable access to architects and environmental designers needing to work remotely. With the COVID-19 pandemic, architecture and design studios are making major adjustments to the way they work, in order to maintain social distance while still providing services. Video chat, messaging, and VR/AR tools will be relied on heavily during the coronavirus pandemic as staff and clients alike will need to forego travel and in-person meetings, and begin working remotely for the foreseeable future. 

“COVID-19 is fast-spreading, and we’ve seen an almost immediate mandate to employees to work from home,” says Clay Walsh, Marketing and Communications Director of The Wild. “The Wild provides our customers with remote access to an immersive virtual workspace where they can easily connect and collaborate with each other, as though they were in the same space.” 

The Wild allows architects and designers to meet inside project models with clients and stakeholders at any time, making real-time collaboration easy and accessible from anywhere. Collaborators can join from desktop (macOS and Windows), virtual reality (HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality), and augmented reality (iOS).

The Wild recently released a significant performance upgrade and now runs 2X faster than previous versions on desktop VR. Users can iterate and prototype in a shared virtual space by rapidly sketching out ideas in real time. Native tools offer sketching, massing, material sampling, measuring, video import, 2D image capture, and speech-to-text annotations, allowing users to capture and express ideas in the moment. These tools are useful for showing different design options or reviewing specific aspects of a model, and with them, teammates and clients can work through issues in real time to align on a solution. 

Collaborating in virtual and augmented reality can help teams make better decisions and go from design to construction more efficiently, without the need for in-person meetings.. In The Wild, teams can meet virtually to evaluate designs, catch errors, and provide spatial context for their colleagues and clients. In a time of social distancing, travel restrictions, and an economy at risk, finding efficient ways to collaborate is crucial to keep services moving forward. 

Companies using The Wild include adidas, Interior Architects, SAS International, ENGIN Creative, Dillon Consulting, Zoom+Care, Scala, O’Brien & Co., Bora Architects, BNP Paribas, ASD Sky, Fat Pencil Studio, and MacDonald Miller.

About The Wild

The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform, uses virtual and augmented reality to enable architecture and design teams to work across distance, and to review and experience their work together, immersed in a shared virtual space. With native support for SketchUp, Revit, and BIM 360, and accessible in real time from the cloud, The Wild aims to support remote collaboration by connecting people and their ideas from anywhere they work. For more information, visit

Clay Walsh, Marketing & Communications Director, The Wild
+1 (503) 462-4624