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The Wild and Igloo Vision partner to bring real-time VR/AR collaboration to immersive shared VR environments

Portland, OR & Shropshire, UK – 10, September 2019 – Today, Igloo Vision and VR/AR collaboration platform The Wild announced their integration, which will open up even greater possibilities for collaboration and experiential design review for teams working in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Igloo Vision designs and develops immersive 360° projection spaces, along with the enabling software and technology. Stepping into an Igloo is like stepping into a giant VR headset. Because entire teams can get inside, it’s always a shared experience.

The Wild allows architecture and design teams to experience their work together at human scale, in real time, from anywhere in the world, in virtual and augmented reality. Now the experience can take place in Igloo’s Shared VR environments, in addition to desktop, iOS, and VR headsets. Teams will be able to share their experience in The Wild with others while viewing and interacting with their content in a large-scale immersive space.

“Igloo offers a compelling solution for a premium Shared VR experience inside of their immersive rooms,” notes Gabe Paez, founder and CEO of The Wild. “Now you can experience The Wild from Igloo, connecting that room to collaborators in VR, AR, PC, or Mac from anywhere.”

With BIM (Building Information Modeling) and collaborative design being hot topics (and BIM Level 2 a necessity for UK government-funded projects), it’s more important than ever for businesses in the AEC sector to take advantage of collaboration tools like The Wild and Igloo Shared VR. The Wild allows for multi-platform access from anywhere in real time, so a team might be in an Igloo in the UK, while more stakeholders join from VR headsets on the other side of the world.

“One of the real strengths of Igloo Shared VR is that it's an open, content-agnostic platform, enabling teams to work with the tools that are already part of their everyday workflows and discover new ones,” says Jake Rowland, Head of Business Development at Igloo Vision. “This integration with The Wild is particularly exciting because the potential for collaboration is heightened by being able to bring entire teams into models, where everyone can see what each other is looking at and can gauge reactions easily."

The Wild, who launched their VR/AR collaboration platform in the fall of 2019, integrates seamlessly with Revit and SketchUp, the most popular 3D design software applications on

the market, and supports all major 3D file types. Now it’s easy to use The Wild to collaborate and experience these models together in an Igloo Shared VR environment. Several AEC, property, and utilities clients, including Lanes Group plc, Cushman & Wakefield, Lendlease, and asBUILT Digital, have used or are using Igloo to set their models free. Companies using The Wild include adidas, Bora Architects, BNP Paribas, MacDonald Miller, and Arc’teryx.

About The Wild

The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform, uses virtual and augmented reality to enable architecture teams to save time and make better decisions by experiencing their work together, immersed in a shared virtual space. With native support for SketchUp and Revit, The Wild aims to shape the future of collaboration by connecting people and their ideas across distance into a shared experience. For more information, visit

Clay Walsh, Marketing & Communications Director, The Wild +1 (503) 462-4624

About Igloo Vision

Igloo Vision is the Shared VR company. With an in-house team of technologists, it creates immersive 360° projection domes and projection cylinders, all powered by the Igloo Media Player. Stepping inside an Igloo is a bit like stepping inside a giant VR headset. And because entire groups of people can get inside, it’s always a shared experience. It’s perfect for collaborative teamwork, training, and visualisation. Headquartered in rural Shropshire, it also has offices in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Toronto. Find out more at ​​.

Peter Halliday, Head of Communications, Igloo Vision +44 (0)7974 231690

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