The Wild launches cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform for spatial designers


The Wild launches cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform for spatial designers

Portland, OR – September 25, 2018 – Today, The Wild announced the launch of a proprietary, cloud-based platform that enables designers to create and share immersive experiences using any virtual or augmented reality device, according to The Wild founder and CEO Gabe Paez.

“The Wild is an experiential design and collaboration platform,” Paez said. “Experiencing and iterating on a design together leads to better decision-making, saving time and money.”

The Wild enables a streamlined workflow for designers by combining design creation, sharing, and presentation into a single platform. It aims to shift the client deliverable from a static document of images to a dynamic real-time environment.

The platform was created for professionals in the experience-driven “spatial design” category, an emerging conceptual design discipline that crosses the boundaries of traditional design idioms, such as architecture, landscape, interior, retail, and service design. Spatial design carries a more open-ended definition that isn’t tied to a single discipline, allowing designers to create new forms of output for their work, and thereby providing new areas of practice and creation.

The Wild is launching with five proprietary tools to enable a designer to create, manipulate, and capture content inside a virtual environment, significantly speeding up the ideation process—whether working alone or with a team. Each tool is designed to maximize intuitive use and ergonomics, providing efficient communication and flow.

The premier creation tool is Massit, an architectural sketching interface designed for simplicity and speed. It can be attached to the virtual hands of a user accessing The Wild from a virtual reality headset and enables rapid prototyping of a spatial concept. Massit makes it possible for a design team to make sweeping conceptual changes to a design together and experience how those changes feel immediately.

All projects and content reside in the cloud for immediate access from any device. Inside The Wild, designers can leverage their Library to store, access, and share assets and spaces. The Library is a portal into a persistent storage system that can be accessed from anywhere the user goes in The Wild, so a designer’s content is always an arm’s reach away.

The Wild makes “sharing” a fundamental part of the spatial design workflow. Rather than sending files back and forth, creating redundancy and isolation, The Wild provides direct access to content, controlled by the owner, for efficient and secure collaboration.

“The Wild is built on a foundation of ‘Extended Reality’ (XR),” Paez said. “Our goal is to bridge the divide between the virtual and the physical. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality all have value for different use cases on a single project. We want to enable a designer to augment an idea into the physical world over time. The Wild puts that control into the hands of every user by allowing them to peer into a space with anything from a VR headset to an iPad or a laptop. Experiencing a space at these different levels of virtualization enables deeper understanding of how pure ideaspace can blend into a physical environment.”

About The Wild

Founded in 2017 by Gabe Paez, a veteran of the digital design industry, The Wild platform was developed to help design teams of all kinds work better together by creating, collaborating, and iterating in shared virtual space. Built for rapid ideation, The Wild connects people and their creative ideas across distance into a shared experience. For more information, visit