Virtual Reality ROI Calculator

Get hard numbers on how much RFI's are costing your design firm and how virtual reality is reducing that cost*

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  • Average Design Phase Duration (Weeks)
  • Number of New Projects Per Year
  • Review Sessions Per Week
  • Number of People Working to Resolve an RFI
  • Average Hourly Rate (Per Person) of Those Resolving an RFI
  • Time (Per Person) Spent Working on a Single RFI (Hours)
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“With The Wild, designers can now manipulate furniture, experiment with materials, create geometry, verify dimensions, and charrette together in virtual space—regardless of global location.”

Customer photo - Kat Schneider

Kat Schneider

Design Application Specialist, Interior Architects
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“We haven't found any other platform that can allow us to be as agile, creative, and iterative in a process as The Wild.”

Customer Photo - Brooks Clemens

Brooks Clemens

Marketing ROI & Applied Research, adidas
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"Multi-user collaboration in the virtual environment allows our customers to make better decisions and associate those with construction costs, our estimates, and the packages we prepare for them.”

Customer Photo - Bradley Cooley

Bradley Cooley

Design Build Technology Director, O'Brien & Company