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We will continue to provide updates about the Log4j vulnerability in our help center.
We are working to assess the Log4j vulnerability and share your concern. The vulnerability is not present in our product and services. We are working with our vendors to assess any potential risks and have taken precautionary measures until we are provided final assessments. We will continue to provide updates in our help center as we learn more.
The Wild has acquired Prospect by IrisVR!
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VR Collaboration for the Building Industry

Discover the best place for building teams to present, collaborate, and review projects together from anywhere.


The Wild streamlines every AEC workflow

The Wild integrates with Revit, SketchUp, and BIM 360. Import all 3D models.

Integrates easily

Integrates with Revit, SketchUp, and BIM 360 workflows. Import from all major 3D filetypes.

Easily access your content from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, AR (iOS), or desktop (Mac or PC).


Easily access your content from Meta Quest, HP Reverb, Pico Neo, HTC Vive, AR (iOS), or desktop (Mac or PC).

Native sketching tools

Rapidly prototype and express ideas spatially in an immersive environment.

VR/AR allows you to work and present from anywhere in real time, with up to eight people in a space.

Remote collaboration

Work and present from anywhere in real time, with up to eight people in a space.

Inspect object BIM data

Metadata is accessible for all Revit files in your space, for added context in meetings and reviews.

Speech-to-text comments

Communicate and collaborate asynchronously with your team.


Faster, More Confident Decisions

Put your stakeholders inside your design remotely from any location. Effectively communicate spatial concepts through immersive design reviews to unlock better decisions and alignment.

A better TEAM

Virtual Workspace

Collaborate in a shared virtual workspace that evolves with your ideas—no office needed. See what your colleague is building, and they can see you. Meet together in real time remotely, or leave comments for your team to see later.

A better Workflow

Space to Ideate

Rapidly sketch, prototype, and iterate on your ideas. Import your Revit or SketchUp models, and gain critical context by experiencing your work at scale.

50% faster
project approvals
more business
100+ days
preparing presentations
per project
50% faster
project approvals
100+ days
preparing presentations
Testimonial Image

“With The Wild, designers can now manipulate furniture, experiment with materials, create geometry, verify dimensions, and charrette together in virtual space—regardless of global location.”

Customer photo - Kat Schneider
Kat Schneider
Design Application Specialist, Interior Architects
Testimonial Image

“We haven't found any other platform that can allow us to be as agile, creative, and iterative in a process as The Wild.”

Customer Photo - Brooks Clemens
Marketing ROI & Applied Research, adidas
Testimonial Image

"Multi-user collaboration in the virtual environment allows our customers to make better decisions and associate those with construction costs, our estimates, and the packages we prepare for them.”

Customer Photo - Bradley Cooley
Design Build Technology Director, O'Brien & Company

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