Real-Time, Immersive Collaboration

Do your best work together, no matter where you are.

Bring your work to life before it’s built​

Experience your 3D models at scale, and gain critical insights by working together in a shared virtual space.

Faster, More Confident Decisions

Put your stakeholders inside your design remotely from any location. Effectively communicate spatial concepts through immersive design reviews to unlock better decisions and alignment.

A better TEAM

Experience Ideas Together

Collaborate in a shared virtual space that evolves with your ideas. Meet together in real time remotely, or leave comments for your team to see later.

A better Workflow

Space to Ideate

Rapidly sketch, prototype, and iterate on your ideas. Import your SketchUp or Revit models, and gain critical context by experiencing your work at scale.

Remote VR/AR Collaboration

for Architecture and Environmental Design

Tools to fit your workflow

Integrates easily

Integrates with Revit, SketchUp, and BIM 360 workflows. Import from all major 3D filetypes.


Easily access your content from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, AR (iOS), or desktop (Mac or PC).

Native sketching tools

Express your ideas spatially in an immersive environment.

Remote collaboration

Work and present from anywhere in real time, with up to eight people in a space.

Inspect object BIM data

Metadata is accessible for all Revit files in your space, for added context in meetings and reviews.

Speech-to-text comments

Communicate and collaborate asynchronously with your team.

Collaborate from Anywhere in The Wild

“Every time I open The Wild, I am pleasantly surprised to see new innovative features that exceed my expectations. The Wild is providing the future of AEC collaboration now.”

Scott Simpson
Audio Visual Consultant & Associate
PAE Engineers
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“We haven't found any other platform that can allow us to be as agile, creative, and iterative in a process as The Wild.”

Brooks Clemens
Senior Manager, Digital Activation
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“With The Wild, we’re excited about the potential to take our clients through a more experiential design process, where barriers of geography and familiarity with VR are no longer limiting factors.”

Karim Hassanein
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Bora Architects
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“A great way to present, immerse and connect our clients to our ideas. It’s a huge added value for collaboration. A game changer.”

Curtis Maddox
Principal + Creative Director
Engin Creative
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“It’s the first time I haven’t felt limited by being in a different location than my peers, and the possibilities—across all industries—are truly limitless.”

Joseph Riehl
Visualization Manager / Senior Associate
Ankrom Moisan Architects
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“It's hard to explain in words or pictures how much of a game changer this is… you just need to put on a headset and try it.”

Joshua Cohen
Founder & Principal
Fat Pencil Studio
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