VR AR Global Student Design Competition Recap

In this live-streamed competition, we reviewed the innovative 3D designs of six student finalists from across the world.
Austin Baker
June 11, 2020
“This Student Design Competition is one of the best events I’ve seen at the VR AR Global Summit!”
-Anne Marie Enns, Executive Producer, VR AR Global Summit

From virtual galleries to modular workspaces, our 2020 VR AR Global Student Design Competition candidates provided an amazing vision for the future of digital/distanced socialization!

This first annual live-streamed judged competition highlighted the innovative 3D designs of six of the brightest young students as they competed to win a Pico VR headset, a feature article in SPAR3D, and a 1-year subscription to The Wild.

Judges Aubrey Tucker and Amy Peck

The competition was hosted by Gabe Paez (Founder of CEO, The Wild) and judged by VR/AR industry leaders Amy Peck and Aubrey Tucker. We were excited to feature a diverse lineup of students from some of the most prestigious design schools around the world. 

“The Wild has built an incredible suite of collaboration tools and it will be exciting to see what the students come up with for this competition. I can't imagine a more appropriate time to be looking at the future of collaboration, visualization and design.” -Aubrey Tucker, AEC Committee co-chair for VRARA 
Host Gabe Paez (Top Center) speaking with all six student finalists

Student Finalists

Srinidhi Krishnan - "Post Covid Work Place"

IG: @srinidhikrishnan

Srinidhi is Pursuing her Masters in Architecture at Arizona State University. She built her model in Sketchup and Lumion. “Post-Covid Work Place” emphasizes an aesthetically pleasing modular design for enclosed workspaces focused around safety and accessibility.

Nicholas Peruski - "Lounge Pods" (Runner-Up)

IG: @nicholasperuski

Nicholas is a Graduate student in the Architecture program at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan. He built his model in Rhino. “Lounge Pods” was selected as the Runner-Up for its creative response to the enclosed circle spaces in Domino Park (Brooklyn, NY.) It uses a “Seussian” architectural style to provide spaces for small groups to safely socialize together outside.

Samuel Higgwe - "Virtual Museum"

IG: @arc_higsman

Samuel is a 2nd year Graduate student in the Architecture program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. He built his model in 3DSMax & VRay. “Virtual Museum” allows art to be uploaded to virtual spaces for people to collectively share and experience from across the world.

Shreya Bansal - "Cafe"

IG: @shreyabansal

Shreya is a Graduate student in the Immersive Media Design program at MIT Institute of Design in Pune, India. She built her model in SketchUp and Blender. “Cafe” provides a comfortable space for people to dine with their friends and family across the world using mixed reality technologies.

Adam Saleh - "Ensemble"

IG: @almost_adam

Adam is an Undergraduate incoming junior student majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design at UC Berkeley in California. He designed his model in SketchUp. “Ensemble” folds an innovative XR product design into a modern workspace for employees to enjoy enhanced productivity.

Akshansh Chaudhary - "Spatiality" (Winner)

IG: @aksh.ansh

Akshansh just graduated with an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in New York. He originally designed his model in Tilt Brush and Unity and brought his model into The Wild as an FBX. “Spatiality” was selected as winner for its profound social commentary on the current state of social media and our reliance on it for our digital and personal lives.

“The thought process behind Spatiality is the kind of thinking we need as we move forward.” -Amy Peck, Founder of EndeavorVR, and Senior Director of Enterprise Content at HTC Vive

As the winner of the 2020 VR AR Global Student Design Competition, Akshansh wins a Pico VR headset, a feature article in SPAR3D, and a 1-year subscription to The Wild. As Runner Up, Nicholas will receive a mention in SPAR3D and a 6-month subscription to The Wild.

Check out the live presentations of these spaces at the video below, and tune in next year for our 2021 Student Design Competition!


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