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Adding Video Content in The Wild

Learn about support for video content in VR

Whether you're creating an ambient background, designing a multimedia display, or adding some dynamic figures to your model for scale, adding video to your projects in The Wild is easy:

  • Click the +NEW button in the upper right of your screen, and select Import
  • Select the file* you'd like to upload.
  • Click UPLOAD on the preview page

Once your video is uploaded, you can access it like any other asset in VR. Pull it out into your space, scale it, move it, and toss it away to delete.

Currently we support looping video and no audio, but we are working on giving you better control over your video playback in the future. 

For optimal performance in VR, especially if using multiple videos in a space, we recommend limiting your videos to 720p. 

*We support MP4 (H.264) and WebM (VP8) video files.