Comment Tool

Communicate asynchronously with speech-to-text annotations

Leaving notes for your teammates in a Space is easy with the Comment tool.

Select the blue Comment tool from your toolset, and pull the trigger to record a comment.

This GIF features our old tool selection interface. Updated version coming soon!

Speak clearly and release the trigger when you're done. You can grab the comment using your trigger and move it anywhere you like. Your comment will always stay upright so that it's always clearly legible.

If the wrong text was transcribed, simply grab the comment and throw it away by tossing it in the air. Pull the trigger to re-record.

Is there a word that's just not getting recorded correctly? We're sorry — speech to text is still imperfect. Try a synonym or a different phrasing.

If your library is open, pulling the trigger will engage our voice library search, so make sure your library is closed to record a comment.