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How to make Revit Categories movable in The Wild

With a custom Project Parameter, make of your model's categories moveable in VR in The Wild.

By default, our Revit Add-In makes all furniture in your BIM model movable, so you can clear out rooms or easily test layouts. But there's an easy way to customize this from right within Revit.


Please note that the more Categories are selected, the more it will affect runtime performance, so we recommend checking only the ones you really need.

Go to the Manage tab, and select Project Parameters


Select "Add"



Make sure your parameter is set to “Project Parameter”, select “Type”and use the following configuration:

  • Name: The Wild Movable
  • Discipline: Common
  • Type of Parameter: Text
  • Group parameter under: Other

It’s helpful (but not necessary) to add a tooltip description so that other teammates know what this parameter does, if they run across it.


Then, select the Categories you want to be movable in The Wild from the Category list on the right.