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Navigating The Wild from your PC or Mac

Learn how to get around The Wild with keyboard, mouse, trackpad, or game controller.

You can navigate The Wild's presentation viewer using your keyboard, mouse trackpad, or a combination. 


  • Use your arrow keys to look around
  • Use W/A/S/D keys to move forward/back/left/right 
  • Use the Q and E keys to pan up and down


  • Click + Drag to look around
  • Right-Click + Drag to Move — Ctrl + Left-Click + Drag (Mouse) / Ctrl + Click + Drag(Trackpad) also work for this.
  • Use your scroll wheel to pan up and down.

Pro tip: If you're moving around with the WASD, you can use the mouse/trackpad to click/drag with your other hand to look around while moving.


If you have an Xbox controller, you can connect it to your computer and fly around your spaces in The Wild. If you're a gamer, you might find this to be an intuitive and powerful way to get around.

Right Thumbstick - look around
Left Thumbstick - move camera
L2 / R2 - move camera vertically
L1 or Arrow Down - teleport
Y - return to workshop


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