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Revit to The Wild - Best Practices

How to prepare your 3D Views for great performance in The Wild

When bringing your work from Revit into The Wild via our Revit Add-In, it's a good idea to keep your models lightweight. This will help The Wild run smoothly and content to stream quickly for all participants. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Revit content:

Section Boxes

One of the best ways to get content from Revit into VR via The Wild fast is to use section boxes. They are super easy to create!

Either create them from a selection:

...or manually set the bounding box:

Visibility Settings

Setting visibility is a simple way of optimizing your model and make sure that only relevant content gets exported. Either hide Elements or Categories via the contextual selection menu, or disable Categories via the list visibility settings panel:

Hit us up if you need help, have feedback, or have a workflow you'd like to share.

Once you've got a nice 3D View set up, you're ready to get it into The Wild! Check out our article to learn how to do that.