Baking Textures for High-end Visuals

Learn how to bake textures in your 3D app of choice to create stunning visuals in The Wild and

Baking lighting into textures prior to loading your model into The Wild can add a lot of realism to your design and, depending on scene complexity, performance is excellent. It can be a bit time consuming to get everything setup in your 3D program of choice, but The Wild makes it easy to set up models with baked textures.

Here is the setup when you import your model and textures into The Wild:

Import your model as usual, but select the "Unlit" Shader type in the materials tab, to override The Wild's default lighting:

Unlit Shader

Click upload and that's it! This workflow also works great for photogrammetry models. Check out some of these highlights:


Here are some texture baking guides to help you get started with content creation: