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What kind of files can I import / export?

Learn more about what filetypes are supported.


For 3D files, you can import FBX, OBJ, 3DS, glTF, GLB, DAE, STL, and SKP. You can also upload 2D images (JPG or PNG) or video files (MP4 or WEBM).


At the moment, you can export any Space as an FBX, DAE, or OBJ file.  


Our Revit Add-In creates a Space out of any 3D View in your Revit file, that is easy to update at any time. You can learn more about it and download the add-in here.

BIM 360

Through our BIM 360 integration, you can access any 3D models in BIM 360 Docs, no matter the source. This is a great workflow for teams using BIM 360, who wand to collaborate on Navisworks, Revit, Solidworks, or other 3D files formats. Learn more about our BIM 360 integration here.